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In Europe, Camel is also a brand of Cheap Cigarettes rolling papers and cigarette roll-your-own tobacco. It maintains a top 20 level brand of RYO tobacco and papers in Northern Europe. In 2005, Camel implemented new changes to the Turkish flavors by adding the name on the cigarette paper and changing the filter color and design. A blend called "Turkish Silver", a light version of both the Turkish Gold and Royal varieties, also became available that year. When smoked, the text on the paper is often still visible on the ashes. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the city where R.J.R. was founded, was nicknamed "Camel City" at one time because of the brand's popularity. However, this name is passing out of usage among locals. The Turkish tobacco that is used in buy cigarettes online has a much more distinctive odor when burned as compared to other cigarettes and Discount Cigars. It generally has a darker, browner smell to the smoke.